04.12.2020 | "It is a great success!" The SOGNO platform has been accepted in the Linux Foundation Energy. Platone uses SOGNO architecture as reference for its own approach.

December 4th, 2020.

The SOGNO platform has now been accepted in the well-recognised, international Linux Foundation Energy (LFE).

The EU Horizon 2020 funded project SOGNO proposes a service-oriented architecture based on 5G technology for a light implementation of automation solution in distribution grids. Edge cloud is the key technology of SOGNO. The SOGNO project started in 2018 and expired in 2020. Platone consortium partners RWTH as well as B.A.U.M. were likewise consortium partner in the SOGNO project.

Platone uses the SOGNO architecture as reference and expands the work of SOGNO with the integration of the market aspects and with the customer connection based on blockchain technology. The integration of SOGNO into LFE enables Platone to further exploit the possible growth of SOGNO and the corresponding new services.

LFE fosters neutral, open technical collaboration by hosting open source projects like SOGNO in the energy sector. In addition to open-source software, the Linux Foundation also enables technical project communities building open standards, open hardware, open data, and open specifications. LFE was founded in 2018, yet embracing a huge network and expertise. The acceptance of the SOGNO on a joint Kick-Off Event on December 4th, 2020 is "A great success” as Prof. Anto Monti from the RWTH Aachen says "It gives great mechanism to keep the SOGNO platform alive and build synthesis with similar activities around the world.”

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