Platone Open Framework

Configurable and customizable open-source framework for smart grid digitalisation    

Platone Open Framework offers a configurable and customizable open-source solution that can be exploited by the DSOs for empowering their solutions. It offers an innovative two-layer blockchain architecture, enabling a secure energy data sharing, ensuring data ownership and governance and at the same time it allows an easy integration of any existing platform or service facilitating the reusability and integration.

Main target group

DSOs and other involved stakeholders in the energy transition phase


Public repository by RWTH:


Manual for integration:


Engineering Ingegneria Informatica S.p.A. (ENG)

Interview with:
Ferdinando Bosco
Technical Manager at R&D Smart Energy Lab
Engineering Ingegneria Informatica S.p.A. (ENG) 

Interviewer: Ferdinando Bosco, the Platone Open Framework is one of the key results of the Platone project whose development was coordinated by the consortium partner ENG. Let´s assume I represent a Spanish DSO. We would like to digitalize our grid and we are looking for a comprehensive solution that allows us to face this important change without changing too much in our existing environment. What is in it for me looking at the Platone Open Framework?

Ferdinando Bosco: The digitalization of the energy grids is a big change for the DSOs and there are a lot of situations that require innovative solutions to complement existing ones. The solution we propose helps the DSO to face this energy transition in a seamless way, allowing to enable a series of innovative services, integrating the already existing platforms directly in your own environment.

Interviewer: Can you give me additional details about this IT solution?

Ferdinando Bosco: Sure. The name of the solution is "Platone Open Framework”. The Platone Open Framework is an open-source modular solution based on blockchain technology.

It consists of three core components:

  • The Blockchain Access Layer which enable a secure energy data sharing, ensuring the data ownership and governance
  • The DSO Technical Platform that allows a standard and flexible integration of external solutions (e.g. legacy systems) and external services
  • The Platone Market Platform, which allow to implement a fair flexibility market, involving all the energy stakeholders, including the customers

The solution is modular. It means that you can select each core component as a stand-alone module or personalize your own configuration using two of them or the entire framework.

Interviewer: How can a DSO try this solution?

Ferdinando Bosco: The platform is completely open-source and the interested DSO can download and install it by themselves. If they prefer, we can support the DSO in the personalization of the solution, in the configuration and installation.

Interviewer: The personalization is a very interesting aspect. If a DSO is interested in a personalized configuration - how to proceed?

Ferdinando Bosco: You will be contacted from the ENG IT department for a short interview in order to understand the needs and we will prepare a configuration for the DSO. Then we will prepare a test environment for a brief demo. If the DSO is still interested, our commercial department will contact them for the next steps.

Interviewer: Thanks a lot for the interview, Ferdinando Bosco!