Worthwhile Platone General Assembly in Brussels

12.10.2022 | After more than two years of mainly virtual meetings, Platone partners finally met live again in Brussels for our General Assembly on 12 October.

Platone contributed to OPEN DEI position paper “Data Spaces for Energy, Home and Mobility”

30.09.2022 | As an active participant in the H2020 project OPEN DEI we are happy that the Platone team had the chance to contribute to the newly published position paper "Data Spaces for Energy, Home and Mobility”.

Platone’s cooperation activities – How Platone is involved in the BRIDGE initiative

11.07.2022 | Several partners of the Platone project are actively involved in the activities of the BRIDGE working groups, actions and task forces. This participation in BRIDGE greatly benefits the project.

Platone’s cooperation activities – How Platone is working together with the University of Alberta in Canada

11.07.2022 | Platone has established a cooperation with the University of Alberta in Canda. Two joint workshops have already successfully been conducted. What is the idea behind the cooperation?

Platone’s cooperation activities – How Platone is involved in the OPEN DEI project

11.07.2022 | The OPEN DEI project has the target of aligning reference architectures, open platforms and large-scale pilots in digitising European industry. The Platone projects strives to support this target.

Platone’s cooperation activities – How Platone is involved in the ETIP SNET initiative

11.07.2022 | Smart networks for energy transition – that is the vision of the European Technology and Innovation Platform Smart Networks for Energy Transition (ETIP SNET). Platone joined two of the five working groups and the so-called NSCG.

Platone at the German Energy Forum 2022

22.06.2022 | Platone hosted a topic island at the Energy Forum 2022 in the lower saxonian city of Syke.

Highly endowed prize for the SOGNO platform

25.05.2022 | The SOGNO platform delivers the fundament of the work done at our Platone project. SOGNO has now recieved the innovation-award of the German federal state of North Rhine Westphalia.

First FlexGroups meeting to further shape the FlexCommunity

28.04.2022 | Platone was one of the initiating projects of the FlexCommunity. Now the first meeting of the FlexCommunity working groups - the FlexGroups - took place.

Second Platone Advisory and Dissemination Board meeting

31.03.2022 | Last week the Platone Advisory and Dissemination Board had its second joint meeting to discuss latest project activities and progress.

How network tariffs can incentivise flexibility

14.03.2022 | The National Technical University of Athens is elaborating a way for a smarter distribution use-of-system tariffs.

Energy communities in rural distribution networks

03.03.2022 | DSOs in rural areas face other challenges than DSOs urban areas. Avacon among other things counts on the households themselves.

Unlocking the flexibility market
in Italy

01.03.2022 | The Italian demo has set itself no lesser goal than to unlock the flexibility market in Italy. - But how?

The FlexCommunity has successfully been kicked off

09.02.2022 | More than 150 participants were present to witness the launch of the FlexCommunity - the new knowledge platform to collaborate with other projects and stakeholders that work on exploiting flexibilities in the energy markets.

Italian demo presented first results at Open Day

20.12.2021 | On Monday, December 20th, Platone partner areti successfully hosted the virtual Open Day of the Italian demonstration.

Platone live at EU Project Zone at Enlit 2021 in Milan

07.12.2021 | Probably one of the most said lines in business for the past 2 years has been "you're on mute". At the Enlit it was time to ‘unmute’ ourselves and for 3 days immerse in meetings, learning and doing business face-to-face.

Greek demonstration Open Day: Innovation for flexibility

24.11.2021 | With the virtual Open Day "Innovation for Flexibility" the solutions proposed as part of the Greek demonstration was presented.

Platone midterm conference has gone beyond expectations

15.09.2021 | The Platone consortium is proud and happy of having experienced such a huge interest in our midterm conference „Growing the energy transition”. Above 300 participants joined our two-day fully virtual event on 14 and 15 September 2021.

First customer upgraded with technical equipment

03.09.2021 | Abbenhausen, Germany: The first household located in the field-test region of the German demonstrator in Abbenhausen has been upgraded with a state-of-the-art household battery storage system for an active involvement in the German trial of Platone.

OPEN DEI Energy Pilots Explorer published

21.06.2021 | European Joint RDI - Platone demonstrations portrayed as Large-Scale Pilots in OPEN DEI Energy Pilot Explorer

German demo successfully addressed households with open day

26.05.2021 | Avacon, the leader of the German demonstration of Platone invited several households to a two-day information event in Abbenhausen, a village in the municipality of the city Twistringen in the north of Germany.

Commission welcomes BRIDGE input to HEMRM coordinated by Platone

06.05.2021 | Under the leadership of areti, Platone has since April 2020 led the BRIDGE Action 7 to provide an update to the next Harmonised Electricity Market Role Model.

Successful first interproject workshop

26.04.2021 | How do you answer the challenge of your call? That was the question of the 1st interproject workshop with all eight projects attending that are funded under the H2020 call on "Flexibility and retail market options for the distribution grid" (ES-1-2019).

German Demo celebrates offical start into demonstration phase!

31.03.2021 | Red „Start“ button of demonstration phase pressed! The German Demo celebrates the offical start of the demonstration phase in the field test region of Abbenhausen.