20.06.2023 | How have the foundations for local flexibility markets been laid in Rome? At the Italian Platone Demonstration Study Tour in Rome on 20 June 2023 participants were able to find it out.

The spatial spread of renewable energy installations has led to a new complexity of grid management, to which the issue of energy transition has been added. The solution to this scenario requires an innovative approach to grid management and planning based on infrastructure improvement, flexibility and digitalisation mechanisms.

The Platone project has been able to lay the foundations for the digitalisation of the distribution network in Rome over the past four years, in order to adapt it to the new European and national functional and regulatory requirements and to enable flexibility and demand response. Platone consortium partners areti and Acea Energia were responsible for coordinating the Italian pilot project together with Siemens, Engineering Ingegneria Informatica Spa and the startup Apio.

The study tour was broadcasted live from the Talent Garden in Via Ostiense in Rome. Massimo Bonato, CEO of Areti and other colleagues and partners reported on the innovative results of the project and the importance for the development of the local flexibility markets in Rome. The event has been hosted by Ercole De Luca, Head of Electricity System Development for areti. After a brief introduction, De Luca moderated an engaging debate on the new role of the DSO.  In this way, the speakers were engaged in an inspirational discussion of the future energy scenarios and how the power system is changing due to the energy transition and how the role of distribution system operators will meet these challenges. Moreover, the results achieved so far in the project were shared with the audience.

The event was held in a hybrid version with the physical participation of different technical experts coming from entities that are part of the consortium (areti, Acea Energia, Engineering, Apio and Siemens) and virtual participation of multiple stakeholders coming from the energy sector, start-ups that are part of the Talent Garden and a group of students enrolled in the course of Law Digital Innovation and Sustainability at LUISS Guido Carli University with more than 200 participants in the YouTube streaming.

Agenda of the Study Tour