02.10.2022 | A municipality being a power plant? This was one of the questions raised by the over 200 visitors of the large battery storage, the core of the Platone German demonstration in a rural area in northwest Germany.

For over 20 years, the Day of the Regions around October 3 has been Germany's most important event platform for regional business to make the strengths of their regions visible. The leader of the German demonstration, system operator Avacon used the opportunity to showcase the German demonstration – known in the region under the German name "Energieplattform Twistringen” (energy platform Twistringen).

Numerous visitors came along and informed themselves about the collaborative project. The Avacon project managers Navreet Dult and Benjamin Petters explained group by group how such a "modern power plant" can function - with focus on references to everyday life. And as technical and complex as it is, one thing has become clear in recent months: People are interested in the topic, especially in the current situation. The question quickly arose: Can't we do the same in our village?

One major target of the German Demonstration is the investigation of generation and consumption characteristics of future energy communities that practice collective self-consumption and evaluation of their effect on the medium voltage distribution grid. Further, Avacon investigates to what extend the flexibility portfolio of these communities can contribute to increasing the efficiency of distribution networks and increase the hosting capacity for renewables. The large-scale storage system located in Abbenhausen, a local part of Twistringen, is a link between household storage, low-voltage and medium-voltage networks managed by the within Platone newly developed local energy management system named Avacon Local Flex Controller (ALF-C).

Until the end of the project Avacon aims to integrate all 89 households in the field test region into the project for active participation in a local energy-management-system to be developed and tested in the field test phase.

Well-visited Platone demonstration at German Day of the Regions
Visitors are being informed about Avacon