31.03.2022 | Last week the Platone Advisory and Dissemination Board had its second joint meeting to discuss latest project activities and progress.

Platone has established a comprehensive advisory and dissemination board (ADB) of international leading representatives of the critical energy infrastructure and ICT sector. The first meeting of the ADB took place in the end of 2020. Since then the Platone project had made some vast developments. A selection of these developments and activities were now presented to the ADB, in order to recieve insightful feedback from the experts and prepare the final phase of the project together and keep the project on its successful course.
The following consortium partners were giving an update from their work:
  • Ferdinando Bosco about the Platone Framework Design
  • Ercole De Luca about the latest activitites at the Italian Demo
  • Benjamin Petters about the latest activities at the German Demo
  • Eleni Daridou and Themistoklis Xygkis about the latest activities at the Greek Demo
  • Ilaria Losa and Panagiotis Pediaditis about the Scalability-Replicability-Accessibility (SRA) methodology and Cost-Benefit-Analysis
All ADB-members were invited and attended the meeting. Many interesting questions were discussed and highly welcomed feedback gathered.
The interest in the project and thus relating discussions was unexpectedly greater than assumed. So the meeting was extended from the originally planned meeting time of 2,5 hours to at least 3,5 hours.
The Platone consortium thanks everyone who attended the second ADB meeting. We are glad to have you and look forward to your support on the last meters of the project duration
Second Platone Advisory and Dissemination Board meeting