The new format of the Game Changer Roundtables hosted at the this year`s IEEE SmartGridComm 2021 opened up possibilities for Platone to share first results and experiences from the project.

The 12th IEEE International Conference on Smart Grid Communications (SmartGridComm 2021) aimed again to provide a forum for researchers and practitioners from academia, industry, government institutions, and regulators with background in communications, energy, control, signal processing, analytics and information systems to exchange ideas, explore enabling technologies and share experiences related to smart grids.

The hybrid conference was hosted by our project coordinator, at E.ON Energy Research Center at RWTH Aachen University, Germany.Being also part of program organizing team RWTH Aachen University brought up the Game Changer Roundtables as a new format at SmartGridComm 2021. Considering the current rapid evolution of the energy sectors and, at the same time, the compelling needs related to the climate change, these sections were intended to be a forum of discussion in which experts debates some of the driving factors that are expected to have a large impact in this transformation process. For this edition of the SmartGridComm the program organizing team identified the three game changers 5G technology, Open Source for energy and Regulation.

Experts opened the sessions with an impulse statement. An open and in times provocative discussion followed.

The Game Changer Roundtables "Open Source for energy" on October 26 was organized by Prof. Monti from RWTH Aachen University in the context of the Platone project. Ferdinando Bosco from Platone consortium partner Engineering presented the Platone Open Framework. Ercole de Luca from partner areti as well joined this Roundtable to bring up perspectives on the topic from i. a. the Platone project.

Additionally Platone was present at the Roundtable on 5G technology, where Prof. Monti shared insights on the Platone project regarding the 5G technology.

Platone at the IEEE SmartGridComm 2021 in Aachen

Tue, 26.10.2021
Hybrid - Aachen/Virtual
Organizer: RWTH Aachen University

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